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Purely Mexican Products


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Fresh Salsa: A combination of fresh ingredients, fresh herbs, and hot chillies, this salsa is fantastic served as a dip, on BBQ meats, for nachos and as a marinade.


Hot Chilli & Lemon Salsa: Made with hot chillies, lemon juice, and fresh spices that adds a flavourful finish of pure hot wonder to your palate.


Mango & Chipotle Salsa: With the irresistible tropical essence of mango and the smoky taste of chipotle chilli, this salsa is nothing less than spicy and vibrant.


Pineapple & Habanero Salsa: With the tropical taste of pineapple and the vibrant spice of habanero chilli, this salsa is fabulous on seafood, pork, and chicken.


Red Wine & Chilli Salsa: A complete symphony of flavours from red wine, chillies, dried fruit, and fresh herbs. This salsa is delicious for baking chicken and pork, and as a side dip for red meats.


Salsa Mexicana: A medley of chillies, tomatoes, and fresh herbs that will send your palate asking for more.


Sauces and Dips


Chile Con Queso Dip: The blend of fresh herbs and condiments will enhance and flavour your meat dishes, tacos, and burritos.


Enchilada Sauce: This salsa is fantastic for traditional Enchiladas Rojas. With roasted dry chillies, tomatoes, and herbs, it is also a great addition for nachos, tacos and scrambled eggs.


Mole Rojo: One of the most traditional dishes in the Mexican cuisine, usually prepared only for special occasions. The infusion of 30 ingredients gives our mole a silky shine and a thick, rich texture. This sauce is commonly known as Chocolate Sauce of Mexico.




Fajita & Taco Seasoning: The blend of fresh herbs and condiments will enhance and flavour your meat dishes, tacos, and burritos.


Salsa Roja Seasoning: With this mixture of selected herbs, you can make your own Salsa. The heat of the chillies, herbs, and condiments adds the perfect balance to your guacamole, roasted vegetables, salads, and soups.


Rice and Beans


Mexican Herb Rice: This rice is a popular side dish in all parts of Mexico. Flavoured with garlic, onion, dry herbs, and fresh chicken and vegetable stock, it is a favourite with any Mexican meal.


Spicy Black Beans: The smooth velvety texture of these spicy beans are typically served as a main accompaniment to other boldy flavoured dishes, and can be served as a side dish or filling for your favourite burritos and tacos.


Other Products


Purely Mexican now offers dried Mexican chiles, teas, and dried herb mixes. They can also be purchased when hosting a Purely Mexican Cooking Class.

Jamaica Flower

Achiote Paste

Corn Husks for Tamales


Dry Chiles

Chile Ancho

Chile California

Chile Chipotle

Chile de Arbol

Chile Guajillo

Chile Morita

Chile Mulato

Chile Negro

Chile New Mexico

Chile Pasilla

Chile Puya


Where to buy / find us:

North:   Poynter Farmers Market, Duncraig and Garden Glow  – Drovers Market in Wanneroo

Central:   Mt Claremont Farmers Market, Mt Claremont

Online:   Contact Gabriela to place your order online and collect on Saturdays at Mt Claremont Farmers Market or Poynter Farmers Market (alternating weekly). Deliveries can be arranged within the Perth metro area; delivery charges apply.